Developer: Besqab

Architect: BAU

Location: Solna, Sweden

Year: 2022

Project description:

A nine-story apartment building complex with 400 apartments in various sizes – starting from small studio apartments to larger accommodations with five rooms and a separate kitchen, ample underground and surface parking. A recreational environment with sidewalks, a bicycle path and green areas have been established in the territory of the residential block.

The population density of the block is 1000 inhabitants.

The building complex stands out with its decorative brick façade embedded in prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs. In order to achieve high accuracy in the production of the building, SWETCH modeled each decorative element in the Tekla Structures software, and their position was also shown in the blueprints of the building’s precast blocks.

Also, the new buildings are built on top of an existing parking lot, but its load is transferred to the composite columns instead of the parking lot.

Complex calculations were carried out in order to introduce beams of variable cross-section into the design.