Swetch is a company founded in 2015 whose main operational sector is reinforced concrete and steel construction design. The company draws up both early stage Systemhandling and Bygghandling detailing projects, which incorporate estimates of a building’s overall stability and that of individual elements, as well as their details, preparation of assembly, element sketches and other technical documentation. Swetch designs sites including universities, schools, hotels, swimming pools, as well as production facilities, offices, residential buildings and others.

The company’s main goal is to ensure the highest quality and construction efficiency, thus meeting the requirements of clients, architects, manufacturers and end users. The Swetch team is ready to create the best solutions for the most ambitious ideas. The team includes outstanding engineers with vast industry experience, whose numbers continue to grow within the company.

Our values

Our main asset lies in the fact that we approach each project with the highest degree of responsibility, thus ensuring consistently high quality even when confronting the most challenging ideas.

Behind it there is Swetch’s team of engineers, who are not only industry experts, but also great team players.

We ensure

We ensure safe, efficient and easy to assemble structural solutions that will serve you throughout the service life of your building. We guarantee open communication, smooth cooperation and information exchange using BIM. We move with the times and use the latest modelling and calculation software. All calculations are made in accordance with the requirements laid down in the Eurocodes and countries’ National annexes.


  • The company employs 45 engineers with vast industry experience, who have participated in the development and management of over 150 projects in Scandinavian countries
  • We execute all of our projects in 3D, developing those using Tekla Structures software
  • We have over ten years of experience in working with Tekla Structures
  • We estimate the overall stability of a building using FEM-Design software, which enables us to conveniently exchange information at calculation level
  • One of our chief engineers has won the construction industry’s leading award
  • We provide a high quality workplace in a Class A office building, in conformity with the BREEAM sustainable construction standard.


+371 20399467

+371 26089411


Olof Palmes Gata 29, Stockholm, Sweden

Roberta Hirsa Street 1, 9th floor, Riga

Cort Adelers gate 16, Oslo, Norway

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