Developer: Besqab

Architect: Brunnberg & Forshed Arkitektkontor AB

Location: Mariehäll, Bromma, Sweden

Year: 2022

Project description:

Industrial estate (former printing house building) on the bank of Bällstaån canal, which serves as the foundation for a complex of 270 apartment buildings above it. The building also provides premises for public needs and business development, and also accommodates a preschool educational institution, which is divided into three parts with a total yard area of 820 m2.

The total area of the building complex is approximately 54,000 square meters.

SWETCH engineers developed the design of the precast reinforced concrete and metal structures of the building complex, and also carried out structural load calculations and detailing, taking into account the already existing industrial building, on which the new residential complex was to be built.

More information about the project: