Developer: Byggvesta

Architect: Kirsh+Dereka Arkitekter

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Year: 2017-2018

Project description:

Systemhandling project.

Kist Ång is a housing estate made up of apartment buildings and a car park.

Lots of different shops are intended to be located on the lower floors, whereas the upper floors will contain 228 privately-owned apartments and apartments for rent facing the main road, as well as 238 student apartments facing smaller streets. A new home will be provided for a total of 1,300 people. The object is divided into two parts – East and West. The western part is built from 19,380m2 of HCS, 1,140m2 of solid slabs and 21,840m2 of prefabricated reinforced concrete walls. The eastern section is built from 15 300m2 of HCS, 1,570m2 of solid slabs and 20,600m2 of prefabricated reinforced concrete walls. The work on this project was interesting because of the requirement not to reduce the number of parking spaces in the basement, thus creating a complex structural scheme.