International projects set a high work environment standard to maintain. As the number of employees is growing, a decision was made a year ago to move Swetch’s premises to the A-class business center Verde in Skanste, having invested half a million euro in this project and almost tripled the area of the office premises.

In August this year, Swetch became the first tenant of Verde, having opened the door to a modern work environment in the activity-based and energy-efficient office in the Modern Centre of Riga. The new design of Swetch’s office was developed by the architectural bureau Lauder Architects which has collected an impressive range of awards not only from the Latvian Designers Society, but also at international design festivals.

“When providing building design services, we daily pay considerable attention to the optimization of construction materials, thus decreasing both our customers’ construction costs and the overall environmental footprint of a building. The main factors that contributed to the choice of Verde for Swetch’s office premises were reasonable use of environmental and energy resources as well as opportunities contributing to employees’ daily well-being provided by the business center. The modern A class office built in Skanste area in Riga ensures our teamwork and leisure balance contributing to the business development,”  the company owner Andris Eizenbergs is convinced.