Developer: Castellum
Architect: Scharc Arkitektur AB
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Year: 2017

Project description:

We prepared both the Systemhandling and the full component documentation for steel and prefabricated reinforced concrete constructions.

Spejaren is a 190 m long vehicle centre, spanning 12 000 m2, with a 14 000 m2 car park, located next to a highway used by 100,000 cars a day. The building is divided into four floors of which the two upper floors will serve as a car park. The indoor premises are designed to be spacious – the ceiling will be 6.4 m high.

The car park’s location is on top of the office premises, therefore it was necessary to restrict its movements.

The building’s geometry is longitudinal. It is divided into three different buildings with a moving connection, which presented an interesting challenge in regard to ensuring stability so that major pulling forces did not arise.